Our Leadership

Lance Stevens

Head of Sales

Lance joined Gentuity as the Head of Sales in February of 2021, bringing a strong foundation of business strategy and coaching to the sales team. He has held other sales management positions at CathWorks and ACIST Medical Systems. A proven sales leader, Lance feels that his optimism helps the sales team believe they can meet their goals, even if they seem challenging or daunting at first. He is focused on guiding his team to success and finds that helping others meet their professional and personal goals is the most rewarding aspect of his role. He admits that a key to his success is to hire people who are more talented and smarter than he is and that learning from failures and not being afraid to fail generally leads to incredible accomplishments down the line. Lance holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Maine.


David W. Kolstad

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Desmond Adler

President of Cardiovascular

Renny Clark

Chief Financial Officer

John Goodnow

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations

Sharon Timberlake

Vice President of Clinical, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs

Susan Burnley

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Lance Stevens

Head of Sales